//Labs: The Battlegrounds for ideas.
"Everything is possible"
After a slight pivot, Gramercy Tech decided to move from being just “event tech specialists” to adopt more of a tech/agency-type business model. With this idea in mind, Gramercy repositioned itself as a technology and development leader. To stay on the forefront of tech, Gramercy needed a set of heroes to work in the shadows of the unknown, to come up with new ideas that no one has thought to think about. To do research and development.
The Mission:
Making the claim of being on a leader of technology and development is no small assertion. With a new internal supergroup being formed, I wanted to be apart of the action so I decided to create an identity for this group during my free time.
The Outcome:
Originally, the idea to create a new art direction for something in Gramercy (which already has a brand new identity) was shot down. But the Labs team felt so much different than anything else from Gramercy. I continued to work on it during lunch breaks and on weekends and this became a passion project which allowed me to do my own kind of research and development.
The Impact:
The response of the new art direction and animation style was widely accepted by everyone on the team and was adopted as the new identity for the squad. This also earned me a spot on the R&D team making design a new track for us to find advancements for.

All of it. I did everything on this one.

Art Direction 
3D Animation
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