OnePlus 7T Pro 5G, The phone that’s built for speed.
The Chinese phone company OnePlus (aka “The Flagship Killer”) has been the underdog in the mobile wars the past few years, while the mobile giants, Apple and Samsung, have maintained control of the American market. With the emergence of new 5G technology, all of these companies are now stepping into unknown territory. To help with this mobile race, OnePlus partnered with supercar manufacturer McLaren. Together they released the OnePlus 7TPro 5G, the phone that's built for speed.
The Mission: 
To create a series of animations and social media posts that showcase the OnePlus 7TPro 5G and its 5G capabilities while also highlighting the new partnership with McLaren, as well as OnePlus’ new lifestyle photography direction. 
Role: Art Direction, Design, Animation
Creative Direction: Krissan Pattugalan + Brady Robison
Photography: Jon Melson + Brady Robison

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