Red Hook WIFI poster

Informational brochure and poster for a public wifi company

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Red Hook WIFI, a project of the Red Hook Initiative, is a community-led effort to close the digital divide, generate economic opportunity, facilitate access to essential services and improve quality of life in Red Hook, Brooklyn via the deployment of a wireless Internet network.

 In partnership with local businesses and residents, Red Hook WIFI is providing access to the Internet and the resources it provides to residents of our neighborhood, where broadband adoption rates are lower than the city average. 

Red Hook WIFI is completely free to users.

Red Hook WIFI was launched by Red Hook Initiative as a resilient community WIFI network that provides businesses and residents with reliable broadband Internet access. The use of renewable energy backup systems means that it stays up during emergencies.

Partnering businesses receive technical support and the opportunities to advertise on the network’s website, along with wireless connectivity. Residents receive the broadband service at no cost and get resources such as local job postings, event announcements and news.
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Cover of business parter poster + brochure
Business parter poster + brochure
Business parter poster + brochure (open view)
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