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We partnered with Welcome to Chinatown to create an exciting campaign to bring their new online directory to life on social media. As part of our Small Business Accelerator Program, Welcome to Chinatown received a grant and a dedicated team to help promote the Digital Directory to a wide audience.

The directory launch coincided with Lunar New Year, so our team did robust research on the holiday. We studied common traditions, NYC Chinatown culture, and the memories and experiences of many of our own team members who grew up celebrating. The campaign centered around those who already knew Chinatown and those who wanted to explore the neighborhood.

Role: Design, Motion Design, Sound Design

Animation, Sound Design: Liesje Kraai, Alice Hur 
Creative Direction: Victor Sie 
Illustration: Liesje Kraai 
Art Direction: Sam Cohen

⚡️Sound on ⚡️
⚡️Sound on ⚡️
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